About The LSC

About The LSC

The Latics Supporters Club has been in operation since 1990, although its history can be traced back to 1987. It lay dormant for a couple of years through lack of leadership. It is a meeting of Oldham Athletic Supporters who now number up to a maximum of 92. There used to be a waiting list! The proceedings are governed by The Chairman who is responsible for the general running of the club and for taking attendance which is recorded on the official Seniority List. He answers only to Dufflecoat Dan, the adopted team mascot and the editor of the programme. The club is set up as a social gathering and to provide awareness of Oldham Athletic Football Club.

The Seniority List was updated weekly and members were moved up or down the list depending on the number of attendances. The list was split into four divisions, much like the football league, and members could be promoted and relegated. A Conference League was introduced for the 1998-98 season. Members in the Premier League could only move one place per week as they were usually in attendance at every meeting. Competition was intense with some people not making a move in years. The club has a logo, a Latin motto (Ades Sive Non Ades), club programme, tee-shirts and the top six members used to get a personalised beer mat to drink from. I forgot to mention that we drink too. Well, what's the good of an Oldham supporter who can't sup?

The Chairman retired and the official final meeting of the club occurred on 24th. June 2011. The year went quickly and I don't know where the last 24 years disappeared to so if anybody finds them please give them back to the Chairman. The LSC has operated in four decades as it originally started in the 80's so it is quite an achievement and The Chairman would like to personally thank everyone for their dedication to the cause as some of you had been in attendance a VERY long time. Meetings are now take place once a month, on the last Friday of the month. Details of meetings are displayed on the main page of the website.

A little bit about the history of the club – it began in the 1987-88 season and took a rest for two years before being rejuvenated. We began our meetings at the old Elephant & Castle pub which was situated inside Guildford mall and we had the odd location (Coyote Creek, Mug & Musket etc.) on an ad hoc basis until we found our next home which was Chi Chi's. This location was brilliant and we had as many free nachos (with all the trimmings) as could be eaten. We eventually ate them into bankruptcy but we remained at the same location when it changed the name to Carlos & Charlies. What did we do again? We bankrupted Carlos & Charlies and so the search began for another new venue. We took over the outside area of the Guildford Station pub and at that time used to get a minimum of 40 members out every week. Those were my crazy days when I used to stay out until 11:00 pm or after and then regularly walk home to Cloverdale, a trip which took around two hours due to taking three steps forward, two steps back, one step forward and three steps back ad infinitum ........... I suppose you get the picture.

When the pub introduced sleeves and put the price of a pint to over $5 it was time to move on and this time we hit lucky as The Sheraton took us in. We had excellent food at the Sheraton as we used to get the left overs from their posh conventions and many is the time we gulped down oysters and similar exotic high class food. Then there was the bloke who joined us and continued to buy bottle after bottle of Dom Perignon which he gratefully shared with us as we had taken him into our busom. The Chairman even got up to do the odd song at the Sheraton piano to entertain the flock. That came to an end when we returned one September and the manager explained that they had been taken over and could no longer supply us with free food. I responed, “No problem – we'll move” which we did. Our next port of call was the Days Inn. A respectable lounge with a pianist and lovely paintings (Princess Laya). We stayed for some time but when the manager declared that they could no longer supply us with free nachos (because the cheese was too expensive!) then it was time to move again. The Green Timbers pub was our next watering hole – not posh, extremely smokey and we didn't stay too long. Even after their refurbishments the pub still stunk of cigarette smoke which was too much for most of our members so another move was instigated. A new hotel had opened on 152nd. Street. So the Chairman went for another reconnaissance trip and negotiated a good deal which has remained to this day.

There have been several requests for a definition of a LATIC. For the uninitiated and contrary to some visitor's suggestions a LATIC is nothing to do with milk, antacid or laxatives. Nor is it a milky substance from plants and it is not contagious . There is NO such thing as a Latic. The 'Latics' is an abbreviation of Oldham Athletic AFC and is the 'nickname' of the team. I hope that clears up the misunderstanding. In Trivia and Anecdotes we would like to hear from world-wide supporters or current members about amusing or embarrassing moments. In Where are they Now? we would like to hear about ex-players and their current status (retired, new employment, deceased etc.) particularly players from the '60's onwards. If you have any questions or would like to contribute any articles for publication in future programmes please e-mail.

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