A continuation of the transfer activity at Boundary Park since 1996. The following table gives personnel movement when the "Three Amigos" brought in Ronnie Moore as the new manager. When Ronnie Moore left at the end of the 2005-06 season, it was decided to abandon the maintenance of this list. John Sheridan took over at the helm and great player statistics are readily available throughout the Internet.

Please inform us of any inaccuracies or discrepancies so that we can keep current.
Ronnie Moore Manager t Oldham - Free agent Wages 0
John Breckin Assistant Manager f Rotherham Wages 0
Alex Bruce Player t Birmingham City Returned from loan 0
Matty Appleby Player Contract Terminated Wage Saver 0
Luke Beckett Player f Sheffield United Loan (100,000) -100,000
Gareth Owen Player f Stoke City 30,000 -130,000
Kenny Cooper Player t Manchester United Returned from loan -130,000
Amadou Sanokho Player t Oldham - Free agent Non contract terms -130,000
Danny Boshell Player t Bury Loan -130,000
Delroy Facey Player f Hull City Free -130,000
Rodney Jack Player Contract Terminated Wage Saver -130,000
John Eyre Player Contract Terminated Wage Saver -130,000
Wes Wilkinson Player Released Wage Saver -130,000
Danny Boshell Player Released Wage Saver -130,000
Steve Mildenhall Player Released Wage Saver -130,000
Amadou Sanokho Player Released Wage Saver -130,000
Paul Warne Player f Rotherham Free -130,000
Rob Scott Player f Rotherham Free -130,000
Terrell Forbes Player f Grimsby Free -130,000
Paul Edwards Player f Blackpool Free -130,000
Richard Butcher Player f Blackpool Free -130,000
Scott Vernon Player t Blackpool Exchange for Wellens -130,000
Richie Wellens Player f Blackpool Exchange for Vernon -130,000
Chris Porter Player f Bury 100,000 -230,000
Joe Murphy Player f WBA On Loan -230,000
Dean Holden Player t Peterborough Contract Cancelled -230,000
Andy Liddell Player f Sheffield United Free -230,000
Chris Swailes Player f Rotherham Free -230,000
Joe Murphy Player t WBA Returned from loan -230,000
Chris Day Player t Oldham - Free agent Free -230,000
Michael Poke Player f Southampton Loan -230,000
Delroy Facey Player t Tranmere Free -230,000
Mark Bonner Player Contract Terminated Wage Saver -230,000
Chris Killen Player t Hibernians Free -230,000
Anthony Grant Player f Chelsea Loan -230,000
Lee Grant Player f Derby Loan -230,000
Nasser Daineche Player f Le Harve Free -230,000
Danny Hall Player f Shrewsbury Out of Contract -230,000
David Eyres Player Released Out of Contract -230,000
Luke Beckett Player t Sheffield United Retuned from Loan -230,000
Les Pogliacomi Player t Blackpool Free -230,000
Scott Spencer Player t Everton 200,000 -30,000

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