The following table is a continuation of the transfer activity at Boundary Park since 1996. Chris Moore became Chairman of the club and on 30th. October 2001 Andy Ritchie departed Boundary Park. The following totals are from the Moore era but are not in chronological order. The Moore era and Iain Dowie's reign as Athletic boss is now over. Scroll down to the bottom to see newer transfers.

Please inform us of any inaccuracies or discrepancies so that we can keep current.
Darren Sheridan Player f Wigan free +1,680,000
Wayne Gill Player f Tranmere 70,000 +1,610,000
Lee Hardy Player f Blackburn free +1,610,000
Dean Holden Player f Bolton free +1,610,000
Phil Salt Player f Leigh loan +1,610,000
Stuart Balmer Player f Wigan free +1,610,000
Neil Adams Player released free +1,610,000
Danny Walsh Player t Lincoln free +1,610,000
Neville Roach Player released free +1,610,000
Andy Holt Player t Hull 150,000 +1,760,000
Paul Shepherd Player free agent free +1,760,000
Julien Baudet Player f Toulouse free +1,760,000
Chris Armstrong Player f Bury 200,000 +1,560,000
Andy Ritchie Manager released wage saver +1,560,000
Mick Wadsworth Manager Unattached wage +1,560,000
Paul Rachubka Player f Manchester U. loan +1,560,000
Paul Shepherd Player released free +1,560,000
Allan Smart Player f Watford 225,000 +1,335,000
Paul Murray Player f Southampton free +1,335,000
Ben Futcher Player t Stalybridge free +1,335,000
David Reeves Player f Chesterfield free +1,335,000
Mark Innes Player t Chesterfield free +1,335,000
Mark Hotte Player t Scarborough free +1,335,000
Barry Prenderville Player released free +1,335,000
Matthew Tipton Player t Macclesfield free +1,335,000
Mark Allott Player t Chesterfield free +1,335,000
Michael Clegg Player f Manchester United free +1,335,000
David Beharall Player f Newcastle 150,000 +1,185,000
Fitz Hall Player f Chesham 20,000 +1,205,000
Mick Wadsworth Manager f Oldham wage saver +1,205,000
Scott McNiven Player t Oxford United free +1,205,000
Paul Rickers Player t Northampton Town free +1,205,000
Iain Dowie Manager Unattached wage +1,205,000
Clint Hill Player f Tranmere Rovers 225,000 +980,000
Shaun Garnett Player t Halifax Town free +980,000
Joe Doran Player released free +980,000
Tom Whittle Player released free +980,000
Gary Kelly Player released free +980,000
David Reeves Player t Chesterfield free +980,000
Stuart Balmer Player t Boston United free +980,000
David Cross Coach released wage save +980,000
Billy Urmson Coach released wage saver +980,000
Carlo Corazzin Player t Vancouver Whitecaps released +980,000
Wayne Andrews Player t Colchester Utd out of contract +980,000
Chris Armstrong Player t Sheffield Utd 100,000 +1,080,000
Fitz Hall Player t Southampton 250,000 +1,330,000
Clint Hill Player t Stoke City 100,000 +1,430,000
Tony Carss Player t Huddersfield out of contract +1,430,000

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