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In 1986 me and my pal (who isnít even a Latics fan) decided to go to the Plymouth game on a motor bike. Because of the distance we decided to stay in a B&B. We set off early morning in the fog and cold and got into Plymouth at 11.45am. We parked the bike, booked into a B&B and scurried off to the nearest pub for some light refreshments.

Seven pints later a Barlows coach turned up.They had a swift half or two but we declined a lift to the ground so we could get an extra pint. In the end we had to get a taxi at 5 to 3. We watched the match (which we lost) although we were top of the league at the time, then we walked out with the crowd and suddenly realised we were lost.

Oh dear, none of us remembered the name of the guest house or where the bike was. We spent about 3 hours walking round the streets untill we eventually found the bike. Not recommended

Submitted by David Wood

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