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When I found out I was going to work at Oldham for my Work Experience I was over the moon. I have been a supporter of the Latics for several years. I have just purchased my season ticket and I thought I would never get such a great opportunity. This is what I did during my week.

Monday; I started at 12:00pm and met John Platt. I would be working with him for the whole of the week. My first day included some office work and cleaning the junior Latics lounge.

Tuesday; I carried on with my office work. In the afternoon I went to two schools and did some football training.

Wednesday; I helped with a school tour around the ground. It was really good and interesting. I also went to another school football training.

Thursday; Watched the 1st. team training. I met Andy Ritchie, Scott McNiven, Paul Jones, Steve Whitehall, Lee Duxbury and my favourite player Craig Dudley. I also went to an after school club training.

Friday; I missed today because I was ill.

My week went great, and I loved it. I will never forget my week at Oldham AFC. John gave me a signed pennant and I was mentioned in the programme. This was the best week of my life so far.

Reported by Rachel Williams
September 2000

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