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Anti Virus Filtering:
Everybody who uses the Internet knows that spam is becoming an epidemic! Now itís possible and affordable to eliminate e-mails that contain virusí.

Our unique mail gateway protects your entire domain by using a combination of anti-virus, filtering and challenge response to effectively stop unwanted email. It's simple to setup and requires virtually no maintenance. It also requires no software to be installed and unwanted email is stopped before it's downloaded.

Why is our service better than most spam blockers? Because it include free spam and virus definition updates so end users and administrators don't have to spend time maintaining their filters or updating their software! Our system does it for you in real time! Keep in mind all that's required is a simple DNS change and adding your addresses to the gateway.

Why settle for "average" service when you can get top quality spam and anti-virus protection for a low monthly fee for your entire domain? Our service does not require any software to be installed on your companyís PC's. Our system will also save you time and money since your domains email is filtered before your download it. All that's required on your end is a simple DNS change and we will even do that for you if you host with us.

What are its features?

How much does it cost?
The cost is only $2.99 per e-mail address per month including set-up. To protect your whole Domain (up to 10 e-mail addresses at the same Domain) the cost is only $5.99 (60c per e-mail address) per month including set-up. We also offer terms for more than 10 addresses per Domain. Please e-mail for prices.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee so why not give us a try today! You have nothing to lose if it doesnít work as you expected. Just e-mail us, itís cancelled, and you owe nothing.

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