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Quizlet 21 - August 2002

Q: How will Iain Dowie fare this season?

Quizlet 20 - June 2002

Q: Who will make most appearances as goalkeeper for next season?

Quizlet 19 - May 2002

Q: Would Andy Ritchie have fared better than Wadsworth this season given the same resources?

Quizlet 18

Q: Has the Cardiff result blown the play-offs?

Quizlet 17

Q: Should Athletic be obliged to share Boundary Park with Oldham Rubgy?

Quizlet 16

Q: How far will the Latics go in the FA Cup (2001-02)?

Athletic were beaten at Cheltenham in the 3rd. Round

Quizlet 15

Q: Where will Latics finish this season (2001-2002)?

Quizlet 14

Q: How could Chris Moore improve the club next season?

Quizlet 13

Q: Which of our current young talent is most likely to make the grade?

Quizlet 12

Q: Who would make a good replacement for Bill Urmson if he was to suddenly leave??

Quizlet 11

Q: How should money raised by SAFE be used?

Quizlet 10

Q: Which was your favourite Latics strip?

Quizlet 9

Q: Which version should be the Latics new song?

The words of the winning song, sung to the tune of "The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia"

On a mountain up in Oldham, stands a lonesome pine,
Just below is Boundary Park, home of a little team of mine,
There name is Oldham and very, very soon, they'll belong to me,
For I know they're waiting there for me, that’s where we love to be.

In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Oldham,
On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine,
In the pale moonshine, our hearts entwine,
When we went up the league in record time.

Oh Oldham, like the mountains we’re blue,
Like the best, we’ll be up there with you,
In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Oldham,
On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine.

Quizlet 8

Q: How far will the Latics go in the FA Cup? (2000-01)

Athletic were beaten at home by Peterborough in a 2nd. Round replay

Quizlet 7

Q: What influence will the new signings (Evans & Carss) make?

Quizlet 6

How can we get promoted this season?

Quizlet 5

Who will be the leading goalscorer in the 2000-2001 season?

Quizlet 4

Where will the Latics finish in the 2000-2001 season?

Quizlet 3

Who is/was the best keeper for Latics in recent times?

Quizlet 2

Who was the donkey of the 1990's?

Quizlet 1

Which was your best ever all time Latics match?

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