The Chairman's Stable

Welcome to the Chairman's Stable. The enclosed pictures are photographs of the Chairman's methods of transportation in Canada from 1990 until the present date. The horse power is slightly more than one and if you have difficulty in reading the licence plates on the 'Laticsmobiles' details are shown below:

Buick Encore: Licence plate LATICS [stable]   [stable]
2014 onwards
Buick Century: Licence plate LATICS

Jeep Cherokee: Licence plate OAFC

2005 onwards
2001 - 2005
Buick Century: Licence plate LATICS

Ford Tempo: Licence plate OAFC

Chrysler Sundance Turbo: Licence plate LATICS

Hundai Excel: Licence plate OAFC



The cars are registered with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and are legally eligible to being driven anywhere in the world. The original Latics plate was damaged in an accident in 2005, hence the new Latics plate.
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