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British Rail Screensavers - tickets for sale British Rail Screensavers - tickets for sale British Rail Screensavers - tickets for sale Listed on this page are items of railway memorabelia for sale. We have tickets, locomotive nameplates, railway locomotive cigarette cards, railway lamps, signal arms and other railwayana and collectables. Please ask.

We also offer a free service to collectors of railway relics. This board can be used to display items for sale, exchange or wanted. E-mail the details of your request with a photo if possible and we will do the rest.

We have all kinds of tickets. Adult, child, platform, museum, cliff railways, excess fare, reserved seating, runabouts, preserved, subway, foreign, ocean steamship railway check etc. We have stations even we have never heard of! Just ask for your required station.

If you want to surprise the railway buff in your life a collection of these tickets would look great mounted in a frame. COST: £1 each. Discounts for quantity.


British Rail Screensavers - Railtours Charter headboard

British Rail Screensavers - Railtours Charter headboard

This is your opportunity to purchase a genuine locomotive headboard. The "Traintours Charter" headboard is constructed from a durable type of wood. It is in original ex-locomotive condition but has unfortunately lost the crest that went on the top. The oil and grease are original also and it needs a good cleaning before mounting. On the rear view can be seen the recess to which which the crest was attached and the holes where the mounting brackets were located. The headboard can be seen in the following views below in action.

COST: £550
British Rail Screensavers - Railtours Charter headboard
40122 heads the 'Corby Cutler' on a Traintours Charter which is seen passing
the yard and semaphore signals at Finedon Road, Wellingborough in 1987
British Rail Screensavers - Railtours Charter headboard
D200 loads passengers for the 'Corby Cutler' on a Traintours Charter
at Toton on 1st. May 1987
British Rail Screensavers - Railtours Charter headboard
D200 heads south along the Midland Mainline at Milton Ernest with the
Traintours IZ26 'Corby Cutler' railtour on 4 May 1987. The tour was a
fairly straightforward Preston to London St. Pancras run via Toton.
British Rail Screensavers - Railtours Charter headboard
D200 is in unfamiliar territory as it negotiates the single track West of England line at
West Hatch (between Salisbury and Gillingham) on 31 August 1987 with the
Traintours Charter 1Z37 'Class 40 Appeal'

Can't afford £54,000 for a nameplate? These replica nameplates are just for you. Both nameplates are cast in the same metal as the originals and are as near as possible to the original size. You will know the difference but your visitors won't.

British Rail Screensavers - Gilbert & Ellice Islands nameplate
Jubilee Class - 45609 - Gilbert & Ellice Islands Replica Nameplate
COST: £325
British Rail Screensavers - Amethyst nameplate
Jubilee Class - 45700 - Amethyst Replica Nameplate
COST: £225


British Rail Screensavers - no entry for passengers
No Entry For Passengers - The sign is approximately 18" x 9" and is ex- Stalybridge Station.
The sign has the usual wear and tear with a spot of enamel missing at the left. It is unrestored.
British Rail Screensavers - private
Private - The sign is approximately 18" x 3 5/8" and is ex- Stalybridge Station.
The sign is in fair condition with minor enamel chips to the left. It is unrestored.
COST: £100
British Rail Screensavers - signal arms

Signal Arms - The arms are in fair condition with minor enamel chips as is to be expected.
They are unrestored.


British Rail Screensavers - L&Y bridge notice
L & Y Bridge Warning Sign - From an unknown Lancashire & Yorkshire bridge. Sign has a large crack which has been repaired from the back.
British Rail Screensavers - LMS treadplate
L (M) S Treadplates - From an unknown LMS signalbox. 18" x 2 7/8". Refinished on face but ex-signalbox on reverse.
COST: £65 each
British Rail Screensavers - Hurst Nelson Wagon Plate
Hurst Nelson Wagon Plate - ex wagon
COST: £30
British Rail Screensavers - Shildon Wagon Plate
Shildon Wagon Plate - ex wagon


British Rail Screensavers - LMS glass inkwell
This LMS inkwell is ex-Glodwick Road
Station, Oldham and is in excellent condition.
British Rail Screensavers - LMS lamp
This LMS lamp is well used,
well worn and totally unrestored (with burner)
British Rail Screensavers - railway cigarette cards
WILLS'S CIGARETTE CARDS We have for sale the full set of Wills's Railway Locomotive Cigarette Cards (1924). The set comprises of fifty famous world wide engines. They are in reasonable condition and the backs contain thorough details about the locomotives.
COST: £45
Ramsgate at Broadbottom Station
This waiting room painting of Ramsgate (820mm x 640mm) by Claude Buckle (1905-1973) is now available to serious railway art collectors. The painting was delivered to Broadbottom Station (LMS) on 22nd. January 1953 and is signed. It travelled via London Road, Manchester and provenence is confirmed with the BR - O.C.S. label on the reverse of the picture which was made out to F.L.Jones Esq., c/o the Station Master at Broadbottom Station with the time stated at 9:45am. The painting remained at the station and was bought after the station fire in 1984
British Rail Screensavers - pilotmans armbands
PILOTMANS ARMBANDSWe are pleased to offer for sale an exceptionally unusual pair of armbands. The armbands are in excellent condition and the colour is quite striking. A unique gift for the railway enthusiast looking for that little something different.
COST: £30 each/£55 pair
Ramsgate at Broadbottom Station
BARDIC LAMP British Rail drivers bardic lamp 3 aspects red/green/clear. Choice of several. Some have the amber lens but this became obsolete and cannot be used due to the modified on/off switch. Items are of some age so condition is commensurate with its age and some use with some markings, names, initials etc. scratched on. The lamp is the modern replacement for the old paraffin tricolour as used by B.R. and is contained in a diecast epoxy coated body. The operating switch gives on/off and the vital colours for railway work. The lens is protected by a rubber bezel and there is a lamp bracket fixing at the rear, as supplied, the Bardic takes one Exide 4.4V H1176 battery (not supplied). Regular price £65.
COST: £20 each


The following carriage prints have documentary evidence that the prints came from the compartment of the “Coronation Express”.

British Rail Screensavers - Gourock & Dunoon

Gourock and Dunoon Car Ferry, Firth of Clyde
COST: £150

British Rail Screensavers - 1865

West Coast Express hauled by “Large Bloomer” No. 607 leaving Shugborough Tunnel
COST: £55

British Rail Screensavers - Kyles of Bute

Kyles of Bute, Firth of Clyde

British Rail Screensavers - Inverness

Inverness (Rare B & W)
COST: £150


Beyer Peacock BlueprintsWe have a selection of railway magazines at give away prices. Most are in fair condition but some are a little worse for wear due to their age. They comprise of: In our possession is a large selection of original blueprints from Beyer Peacock & Co. Ltd. The blueprints are in excess of 1,000mm x 700 mm. and are drawings of locomotive parts built at the Gorton, Manchester Locomotive Works. All the drawings are from the metre gauge East African Class 60, 4-8-2 + 2-8-4 Garrett locomotives. Built in 1954, the locomotives numbered 17 in total. The drawing are stamped with the official Beyer Peacock Engineers seal. One of these very rare drawings would make a unique focal point and talking piece for any collectors home. The background on this page is a section of one of the drawings. These museum pieces are on offer for sale at an unbelievable COST of only: £35 each


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