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"My interest in railways first began on 28th. June 1961 when I was chased out of the engine shed at Lees (Oldham) by an irate railwayman. That was the beginning of an era in my life and was the first of many such experiences in the years of trainspotting that were to follow". - Dave

British Rail Screensaver's photographs capture the essence of railways of a bygone age. Relive those experiences or capture them now for the first time. Our photographs, a mix of black/white and colour, will transported you back in time to experience the sight and imagine the smells that linger forever in the train buffs mind. Each screensaver contains ten different photographs which are a subtle collection of BR in the 60's and onwards, pre-preservation and post-preservation. This offer is truly a unique chance for an alternative to "flying windows" as a screensaver on your PC.

We specialise in British Railway Photographs and can offer you:

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General Conditions of Sale:

1. All Screensavers and Slideshows are sold under the condition that the copyright remains with British Rail Screensavers
2. Screensavers and Slideshows sold may not, under any circumstance, be used for publication, duplication or otherwise distributed without the express written permission of British Rail Screensavers
3. Photographs may be supplied for purposes of publication or copying at special rates. Please contact us for information about prices.
4. No liability for products lost or damaged by postal or other delivery service is accepted. Insurance may be purchased by the buyer
5. Screensavers and Slideshows will be despatched only after full receipt of payment

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