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Oldham Athletic: On This DayOldham Athletic: Miscellany

You can own a copy of these Oldham Athletic books personally signed to you by the Author, Dave Moore. You pay just the retail price of £9.99 each. Post and package to the UK from Canada is £7. Buy both books in one order and the shipping cost is still £7 for both books. Some of the books (while stocks last) are also signed by ex-players. Please send an e-mail for availability.

Oldham Athletic: On This Day is written by respected Oldham Athletic historian Dave Moore and is published by Pitch Publishing. The book is 192 pages long and tells the story of the Latics’ long and eventful history. With individual diary entries for every day of the year, plus multiple listings on busier dates, it is full of Boundary Park heroes (and villains) and tells the tales of the matches and the characters, the promotions and relegations – indeed, all the events, however big or small, that have helped make Oldham Athletic the club it is today.

Oldham Athletic: Miscellany Remember who scored six goals for the club and had to wait until almost midnight for the manager's thanks? What was actress Dora Bryan's relationship with Athletic? Which manager won promotion for the Latics and then got immediately fired? Or the Chairman who called the Latics faithful "The lambs of Sheepfoot Lane?" How about the former Latics player who was inspired by Brian Clough or the player who was wrongly reported dead. Who always wore his socks inside-out? Which man-of-the-match was described by the manager as rubbish? Who scored the most important Oldham penalty ever? Which twins played in the same team? Do you know the 'Meat Pie Fred' song? Why did some players get fined a week's wages?

All are found in the 160 pages of 'Oldham Athletic: Miscellany', a collection of stories from the club’s 113-year history put together by lifelong fan and respected Latics historian Dave Moore. This is his second book about the club following the publication of ‘Oldham Athletic: On This Day’ and is a treasure trove of the weird and the wonderful that should put a smile on the face of Latics’ fans everywhere. Athletic legends Roger Palmer, Eric Gemmell, Jimmy Frizzell, George Hardwick, Jack Rowley, Joe Royle, Bobby Johnstone, John Sheridan, Ian Wood, Denis Irwin and Bert Lister are all in 'Oldham Athletic: Miscellany' along with anecdotes about the club’s forgotten heroes and villains. There are also reports of historic Athletic matches and all are written in an easy-to-read style that should appeal to Oldham supporters of all ages.

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The following autograph sheets/photos would make great gifts for your football devoted loved ones if nicely framed. Truly a unique gift! All autographs are personally collected by myself and are guaranteed genuine (unless stated). Sales by third parties are not guaranteed genuine. I also have a large selection of autographed Oldham Athletic team photos and individual photos which are not for sale. They are proudly displayed as collages in frames but everything has a price! Oldham fans should e-mail me with specific requests and if the price is high enough I would consider doing a deal.

All autograph total numbers quoted on team sheets are approximate, a few may be duplicates of the same autograph. Should you require any specific autographs please e-mail a request with the name of your required player. Where ‘reverse’ is stated these are back to back autographs and will be sold first come first served.

Some autographs are undecipherable so please give clues to help with individual autograph requests. Aplogies are offered for mis-spelled names or wrong names. Corrections to spellings would be appreciated but remember I am an Oldham fan after all.

I also have a collection of Football League reviews (1970’s) which are for sale at £1.50 per copy including postage (worldwide). These contain team photos, ground photos and articles which make interesting reading. Tell me which team you are interested in and I will find you relevant copies.

Also on offer are action shots, team and individual photos (all unautographed) of various teams from the early 1960's. Please enquire if interested. Reasonable offers should be e-mailed to the address at the bottom.

All photograph sizes are given in millimetres (W x H). Some photographs are newspaper photographs.

If you have anything football related to sell or exchange, send details and your add will be included


Accrington Stanley (1960-61)
Autograph sheet 12

Aldershot AFC
Individual autograph (circa. 1961) 1 Arthur

Aston Villa
Official letter (140 x 215) from club signed (initialled) by Joe Mercer

Barrow AFC
Autograph sheet (1960-61) 10 autographs
Autograph sheet (circa. 1962) 10 autographs
Autograph sheet (circa. 1961) 3 autographs

Belgrade SC
(circa. 1960) Autographed (5) team photo (150 x 105)

Blackpool FC
(circa. 1960) official autograph sheet (22 photocopies) includes Stanley Mathews, Jimmy Armfield, JohnWright, Ray Charnley, Bill Perry, Jim Kelly. Autographs: John Wright, Ray Charnley
Programme v Spurs (1962-63)

Bolton Wanderers
Collectors Item: Official Handbook (1960-61). 15 pen portraits autographed includes Eddie Hopkinson, John Bollands, Tommy Banks, Roy Hartle, Syd Farrimond, Nat Lofthouse, Dougie Holden, Fred Hill, Neville Bannister. - Serious offers only please as this is unique.
Autographed (2 - Rimmer & Davies) team photo (265 x 125)
Individual photograph (circa. 1964) Wyn Davies (40 x 90)
Autograph sheet (circa. 64) 4

Bradford City
Autographed (7) team photo (circa. 1964) (155 x 95)
Autograph sheet (1961-62) 12 reverse Charlton Athletic (1961-62) 3
Autograph sheet (circa. 1964) 7

Individual autograph - Bill

Burnley FC
Autographed (1 Walter Joyce) team photo (1961-62) (280 x 200)
(circa. 1960) official autograph sheet (29 photocopies) includes Adam Blacklaw, David Walker, Ray Pointer, Brian Pilkington, Colin McDonald, Andy Lochhead, Billy Marshall, John Angus, Harry Potts.

Burscough AFC (1961-62)
Autograph sheet 9 autographs

Charlton Athletic
Autograph sheet (1961-62) 3 reverse Bradford City (1961-62) 12

(circa 1960) The Chelsea Football & Athletic Co. Ltd. official autograph sheet (30 photocopies) includes Terry Venables, Barry Bridges, Ron Tindall, Johnny Brooks, Harry Medhurst, Peter Bonetti

Chester City
Autograph sheet (circa. 1961) 10 autographs

Action photograph (circa. 1961) Ron Powell (185 x 130)
Individual photograph (circa. 1961) Ron Powell (20 x 45)
Individual photograph (circa. 1961) Blakey (20 x 45)
Autograph sheet (circa. 1961) 9 autographs
Individual autograph (circa. 1962) 1 D. Kenny/Kerry?

Colchester United
Autograph sheet (1961-62) 12 reverse York RLFC (1961-62) 10

Crewe Alexandra
Autograph sheet (1960-61) 8 reverse Keighley RLFC (1960-61)16
Autograph sheet (1960-61) 2 autographs (Johnny King & Eric Barnes)

Darlington AFC
Autograph sheet (1960-61) 13 reverse Workington Town RLFC (1960-61) 18
Autograph sheet (circa. 1963) 11

Darwen City AFC
Autograph sheet (1960-62) 28 reverse Wrexham AFC (1960-61) 15 (includes Wyn Davies)

Doncaster Rovers
Autograph sheet (circa 1961) 10 autographs

Everton FC
Autograph sheet (circa. 1960) official autograph sheet (41 photocopies) includes Alan Dunlop, Bobby Collins, Alan Shackleton, Brian Godfrey, Derek Temple, Brian Labone, Jimmy Gabriel

Exeter City
Autograph sheet (1960-61) 7
Autograph sheet (circa 1963) 7
Autograph sheet (circa 1961) 4

Hartlepool United
Autograph sheet (1961-62) 14 reverse Commentator Eddie Waring.

Huddersfield Town
Individual autograph (circa 1962) 1 Ray Dovey?

Liverpool FC
Individual autographed photo (200 x 120) Roger Hunt (1961-62)
Individual autographed photo (200 x 280 colour) Jimmy Melia (1961-62)
Individual autographed photo (100 x 130) Tommy Leishman (1961-62)
Individual autographs (1961-62) Ian Callaghan, Jimmy Melia, Gordon Milne, Ron Yeats, Alan A'Court

Manchester City
Individual autographs (1960-61): Denis Law, Jack Dyson, Harry Dowd, David Wagstaff, Ken Barnes, R. Sau....?

Manchester United
Autographed (2 - Cantwell & Lawton) team photo (circa. 1963) (265 x 230)
Autograph sheet (circa 1963) 3 - Cantwell, Herd & Lawton
Individual autographs (1961): Ernie Ackerley, Nobby Stiles, Hugh Curran, Jimmy Penner?, Bob English?, Ian

Mansfield Town
Autograph sheet (circa. 1963) 11

Marine AFC
Autograph sheet (1960-61) 12 reverse Prescot Cables 1960-61) 10

Autograph sheet (circa. 1961) 1 autographs
Individual autograph (circa. 1961) Dave Bumpstead (not-authenticated) Programme v Workington (1960-61) autographed (3) (not authenticated)

Netherfield AFC
Autograph sheet (1961-62) 9 reverse New Zealand RL Touring Team (1961-62) 6

Newcastle United
(circa 1960) Official autograph sheet (35 photocopies) includes Alex Mutch, Charlie Mitten, Jim Gibson, Dick Keith, Len White, Billy Thompson, Stan Mitchell, Albert Scanlon, Dave Hollins, Terry Marshall, Geoff Heslop, John McGrath.

Newport County AFC
Autograph sheet (1962-63) 10

Notts County
Autograph sheet (circa. 1963) 11

Oxford United
Team photograph (1962-63 first season in league - 7 autographs) (170 x145)
Autograph sheet (1962-63) 8

Peterborough United
Individual autographed photo (145 x 265 colour) Billy Hails
Individual autographed photo (115 x 110 colour) Ray Smith
Individual autographed photo (90 x 115 colour) Peter McNamee
Individual autographed photo (45 x 70 colour) Terry Bly
Autograph sheet (1963-64) 12

Plymouth Argyle
Autographed (13) team photo (circa. 1960) (345 x 260 colour)
Individual autographed photo (90 x 125) George Robertson

Prescot Cables
Autograph sheet (1960-61) 10 reverse Marine AFC (1960-61) 12

Preston N.E.
Autographed (1 - Smith) team photo (circa. 1962) (170 x 120)
Individual autographed photo (85 x 115) Nobby Lawton
Autograph sheet (circa. 1962) 11
Individual autograph (1961) Fred Else

Rochdale AFC
Autographed team photo (9) circa 1961 (265 x 120)
Autographed team photo (3 + 1 on border) circa 1962 (260 x 120)
Individual autographed photo (40 x 67) Stan Milburn
Individual autographed photo (40 x 65) Joe Richardson
Individual autographed photo (40 x 60) Ron Cairns
Individual autographed photo (20 x 35) Ray Aspden
Autographed action photo (130 x 100) Ted Burgin & Johnny Colquhoun (Oldham) both signed
Autographed action photo (128 x 110) Ted Burgin, Ray Aspden & Bert Lister (Oldham) all signed
Autograph sheet (circa. 1961) 16
Autograph sheet (1961-62) 12 reverse Lancs. v Cumberland Rugby (28)

Shrewsbury Town
Autograph sheet (1962-63) 11 autographs

Shildon AFC
Fully autographed photo (13) 1961 (195 x 115)
Individual autographed photo (circa. 1960) (85 x 120) George Kirby

Southport AFC
Autograph sheet (1960) 8 Autograph sheet (circa 1963) 5
Torquay United
Autograph sheet (1962-63) 10

Witton Albion
Autograph sheet (1961-62) 15 reverse NZ Rugby Touring Team (1961-62) 6

Wrexham AFC
Autograph sheet (1960-61) 15 (includes Wyn Davies) reverse Darwen City AFC (1960-62) 28

York City
Autograph sheet (circa. 1961) 9 autographs


Blackpool Borough RLFC
Programme v Workington 1960 autographed by Gee (not authenticated)

Halifax RLFC
Autograph sheet (1960-61) 4

Keighley RLFC
Programme Oldham v Keithley 1960-61. 13 autographs (both teams - mainly Keithley)
Autograph sheet (1960-61) 16 reverse Crewe Alexandra AFC (1960-61) 8

Lancashire v Cumberland 27/5/61 at Salford
Official programme 10 autographs
Various autographs 37

New Zealand RL Touring Team
Autograph sheet (1961-62) 13 reverse Witton Albion AFC (15) & Netherfield AFC (9)

Oldham RLFC
Programme Oldham v Hull (CC-SF at Swinton) 1960. Includes autographed (7) team photo
Programme v Swinton 1960-61. 5 autographs
Programme v Keithley 1960-61. 13 autographs (both teams - mainly Keithley)

Salford RLFC
Autograph sheet (1960-61) 10

Swinton RLFC
Autograph sheet (1960-61) 9

Programme v Oldham 1961

Workington Town RLFC
Autograph sheet (1960-61) 18 reverse Darlington AFC (1960-61) 13

Autograph sheet (1961-62) 10 reverse Colchester United AFC (1961-62) 12


Eddie Waring
Gerry Loftus

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