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Most of these reports are written by Ross Coyne, official reporter of the LSC, Canada. He would be delighted to receive your feedback. E-mail him here. Other reports link to other websites so please use your 'back' button to return to this page.



18th. Leigh RMI (A) 2-3 (Duxbury, Allott, Whitehall)
21st. Rhyl (A) 0-3 (Boshell, Holt, Dudley)
23rd. Burnley (IOM Tournament) 1-3 (Rickers, Allott, Whitehead)
24th. IOM Team (IOM Tournament) 1-2 (Allott, Holt)
29th. Bury (Final IOM Tournament) 0-0 Latics win 5-4 on penalties


6th.Leeds United (H) 3-1 (Adams, Allott, Holt)
8th.Manchester City (H) 0-4

League & Cup

12th.Port Vale (H) 4-1 (Adams, Allott, Corazzin, Garnett)League position 1st.
19th. Walsall (A) 3-2 (Adams, Duxbury)League position 6th.
22nd. Huddersfield {LC1} (H) 1-0 (Corazzin)
26th. Peterborough Utd (H) 1-4 (Tipton)League position 15th.
29th. Colchester Utd (A) 1-1 (Holt)League position 17th.


2nd. Notts County (H) 0-1 League position 19th.
6th. Huddersfield {LC1} (A) 0-2 (Rickers 2)
9th. Wrexham (A) 3-1 (Corazzin)League position 20th.
12th. Reading (A) 5-0League position 21st.
16th. Bristol City (H) 0-0League position 21st.
19th. Sheffield W. {LC2} (H) 1-3 (Boshell)
23rd. AFC Bournemouth (A) 1-1 (Allott)League position 22nd.
27th. Sheffield W. {LC2} (A) 5-1 (Duxbury)
30th. Cambridge Utd. (H) 1-3 (Holt)League position 23rd.


8th. Rotherham Utd. (A) 3-0League position 23rd.Alternate
14th. Swindon Town (H) 1-0 (Dudley)League position 22nd.
17th. Wycombe Wanderers (H) 2-0 (Dudley 2)League position 19th.
21st. Northampton Town (A) 2-1 (Green og)League position 22nd.
28th. Bristol Rovers (A) 0-2 (Allott, Duxbury)League position 20th.


4th. Swansea City (H) 1-1 (Jones)League position 21st.
11th. Stoke City (A) 0-1 (Duxbury)League position 19th.
18th. Hednesford Town {FA1} (A) 2-4 (Duxbury, Dudley, Corazzin, Tipton)Alternate
25th. Millwall (H) 0-1League position 20th.


2nd. Oxford Utd. (H) 3-2 (Corazzin, Eyres, Jones)League position 19th.
10th. Peterborough United {FA Cup 2} (A) 1-1(Dudley)
16th. Bury (A) 1-1 (Boshell)League position 19th.
19th. Peterborough United {FA Cup 2 - Replay} (H) 0-1
23rd. Brentford (A) 1-1 (Allott) League position 18th.
26th. Wigan Athletic (H) 2-1 (Duxbury, Allott) League position 18th.
30th. Walsall (H) 0-0 League position 17th.


1st. Peterborough Utd. (A) 0-0 League position 16th.
6th. Port Vale (A) 0-0 League position 16th.
9th. Wigan (H) {MM Trophy} 2-3
13th. Colchester Utd. (H) 1-1 (Tipton) League position 16th.
20th. Wigan Athletic (A) 3-1 (Corazzin)League position 16th.
23rd. Luton (H) 2-0 (Rickers, Sheridan) League position 14th.
27th. Brentford (H) 3-0 (Eyres, Allott 2)League position 13th.


3rd. Notts County (A) 1-0 League position 13th.
10th. Wrexham (H) 5-1 (Corazzin 4, Rickers)League position 11th.
20th. Reading (H) 0-2 League position 13th.
24th. AFC Bournemouth (H) 2-1 (Sheridan [pen], Tipton)League position 11th.


3rd. Cambridge Utd. (A) 2-0 League position 13th.
6th. Swindon Town (A) 3-0 League position 15th.
10th. Rotherham Utd. (H) 2-3 (Duxbury 2)League position 14th.
17th. Wycombe Wanderers (A) 2-1 (Tipton)League position 17th.
23rd. Northampton Town (H) 2-1 (Duxbury 2)League position 14th.
27th. Bristol City (A) 2-2 (Carss, Sheridan {pen} )League position 13th.

31st. Bury (H) 1-1 (Tipton)League position 16th.


7th. Oxford Utd. (A) 0-1 (Eyres)League position 15th.
14th. Luton Town (A) 0-0League position 15th.
16th. Bristol Rovers (H) 1-0 (Carss)League position 11th.
21st. Swansea City (A) 1-2 (Parkin 2)League position 11th.
28th. Stoke City (H) 1-2 (Parkin)League position 12th.


5th. Millwall (A) 5-0Final League position 15th.